Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What was that?

I do not know exactly how to describe this.

There are no words. Now I know that a liberal Catholic or a low church Protestant will tell me to get with it and let the spirit move me, but, well, there are no words. That is all I can say.

(HT: Reformed Pastor)


Celeste and Butch Burd said...

Hi Anthony
Ii am with you on this one!!
That is by far the WORST Liturgical dance I have ever seen!
Really a disgrace!!
I have seen a few litugical dances and some also leave a sour taste in my mouth. But, the last one we experiencd was May 3rd @ the Shrine of Mary Queen of the UNiverse in Orlando. It was a Vietnamese Dance during Multicultural Mass in celebration of the 40th Anniv. of the diocese of Orlando. It was beautifully done, very moving, reverent,peaceful and a loving tribute to Our Lord.
So, don't loose heart or write them off completely.
Hopefully you will be blessed and have a similar experience.
Cousin Celeste

Anthony said...

Hi cousin -- it is just weird. All I can say.

The giant heads -- I am still having nightmares about them (well, not really).