Friday, February 6, 2009

A Poem in Honor of the Stimulus Bill

(With apologies to the immortal memory of Percy Shelley)

I met a banker from a far off land
Who said: Two unfinished and doorless buildings of steel
Stand on K Street. Near them, on the Mall,
Half amended, a shatter'd bill lies, whose prose
And earmarks and grants to ACORN
Tell that its Peolsi drafter well the pork barrel knew
Which yet survive, stamp'd on this drunken government,
The talk radio that mock'd them and bloggers that fed.
And in section 1 this clause appears:
"My name is Spendulus, stimulus of stimuli:
Look on my appropriations, ye taxpayers, and despair!"
Nothing but lawsuits remain: round the Capitol
Of that colossal bill, penniless and bare,
The lone and stupendous deficit stretches far away (to China)

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Rodak said...

That's very good! Bravo!