Sunday, August 9, 2009

By way of explanation

No, I am not dead, or even ill. However, I am in the process of moving so I have not done anything on this blog for a while.

As for my move, it is with the same employer, but to a new country -- following a long dream of mine, I am moving to Europe for a 2-3 year rotation.

So I will continue my hiatus for a while longer or maybe I will occasionally pop in with comments.

But in parting, I will ask one question -- are you birthers serious? He was born in Hawaii, deal with it.

Good bye for now and God bless.


William R. Barker said...

Hey Anthony! Congrats! Where are you heading?

Hey... if you're heading for Spain I've got some expat friends working for HP out of Barcelona...


Keep us updated...!!!

This is going to be a GREAT experience for your boys!!!



Anthony said...

Hey Bill -- I have moved to Notting HIll in London.

So Cheerio (they really do not say that)

And brilliant! (They say that all the time)

William R. Barker said...

Your mission - if you choose to accept - is to hit at least 15 different pubs per week.

It can be done, Anthony...

We're talking less than three a day!

Now I don't know if they're still in business or if Thursdays are still "American Nights," but back when I was a lad in London we used to spend each Thursday at the Goose & Firkin at Elephant and Castle - 47 Borough Road.

Check it out some Thursday and report back.


P.S. - Hey - I just got banned by ANOTHER blog this morning!


This is my third banning by supposed "pragmatic" "Republican" bloghosts.

This time the culprit was David Frum.

Rodak said...

Congratulations, Anthony. But don't make the mistake of telling the Brits that you've moved to "Europe" when you get there: think strictly "UK."

Please get with the blogging once you're settle and keep us up-to-date on events from across the pond from the Yank perspective.

Remember the Eurpoe thing. The Brits have a saying: "The wogs begin at Calais." That's what they think of "Europe."

William R. Barker said...

So, Anthony... it's September 28th... WHEN are you planning to start blogging from London?

Have you been drinking best bitter like a real man...???


Fish and Chips my friend... don't forget the fish and chips!

Anyway... COM'ON... rejuvenate this blog and give us some updates!


Silverfish2910 said...

Hey guys! There is a Catholic libertarian group on Facebook and I was wondering if you guys might want to sign up? It's kinda dead. 5 people only?

William R. Barker said...

Sorry, Silverfish, I don't "do" Facebook.

I'm a simply guy: Blogs and Email. I simply see no need for these "social networking" sites such as Facebook and My Space. I don't "IM" and I don't Tweet.

But, hey... if you Catholic Libertarians wanna start a plain old fashioned blog I'll drop by!


Gregg Beaman said...

London? Brilliant! You'll be around when Pope Benedict visits later this year. Brillant!

Seriously, welcome to England and I hope you have a great stay here. You really must start blogging again.

Cheerio for now!

Silverfish2910 said...

Do you have an email address I can chat you up with privately, then?

Mine is Silvefish2910 at gmail.

Katerina Massri said...

I enjoy reading your blog, please get back soon :)
It is not every day I find another Catholic libertarian!

ral said...

Cheers. For information on what world Libertarians are doing or to link, please see

William R. Barker said...

Hey Anthony!

Merry post-Christmas 2010!

I just noticed that my blog is on your recommended list. Thanks!

Hope all is going well. You really should start regularly posting again.

Best to you and your family,

Harriman, NY

* P.S. - The wife and I were in Italy and Spain last month; Milan and Barcelona. Both cities were everything I had hoped for.

Anonymous said...

How do you respond to John Paul II's characterization of libertarianism as "freedom without truth"?

Clipping Path said...

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