Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ann Coulter is an Embarrassment

For some reason, Ann Coulter has become the "it" girl of conservatives. Why? She is an embarrassment to the right in this country. She is obsessed with John Edwards and not in a good way. There is much to dislike about Edwards. He comes across as an empty suit at times and seems more fluff than substance. I dislike most of his politics and looking at his new home, I think we figured out where the "Second America" went.

Yet this is a man who faced some terrible times with his family, losing a son and dealing with his wife's cancer. He did not run away from his responsibilities I may not want him to be president, but he is by all accounts a great husband and father. In my mind that is the best thing you can say about a man.

So we then come to Ann Coutler. The "faggot" remark to the American Conservative Union and her statements about Edwards dead son -- is she really that callous? Which is why I am glad Elizabeth Edwards called Hardball and had a few words for Coulter. Andrew Sullivan called it a wonderful moment, but I am not so sure. As the father of two small boys, I could not imagine anything wonderful about burying one of them.

I find it sad, that one of conservatism's standard bearers acts as she does. Sullivan thinks of her of as "performance art". I wonder if she is a left wing mole. I mean, has she been sent to infiltrate conservatism to make us look bad? She has replaced intelligent argument with hyperbole and reason with irrationality. She sells lots of books, but does conservatism no favors.


Michael Bindner said...

If she were a mole, Sir Rupert would not be employing her.

I talk about her on my Christian Left site. ( also write a Christian Libertarian Party blog ( you might be interested. My perspective is also Catholic, although I am a bit harder on the Church since as a Catholic, I believe in liberty within the Church.

I have been flirting with a new book title The Catholic Libertarian Manifesto, although I might call it the Catholic Democratic Libertarian Manifesto or even the Catholic Social Libertarian Manifesto.

craig anderson said...

I was thumbing through your pages for your commentary on Ayn Rand and Catholicism. When I finished I came to your posts regarding Ann Coulter and Jon Edwards. History has a unkind ending to your supportive comments about the sleeze ball that he is, was and will always be. Makes Coulter look almost prophetic.

God Bless you and you work here, nevertheless. Sincerely a Fellow Roman Catholic.