Friday, June 22, 2007

Soccer as a Metaphor for America

I am a big soccer fan, which puts me in a small minority of Americans. Soccer is seen as "communist" or "anti-American" and I cannot understand why. If anything, soccer better represents American ideas than does that most American of games "football." In fact, football is closer to totalitarian socialism.

Compare the two:

In football there is a very elaborate set of rules that limit the individual freedom of each player. The coach after consultation with his staff chooses a play which is sent to the huddle. The players stand around for 20 seconds, talk about, then work for about another 30 seconds. Then they start again. This is reminiscent of the old Soviet Union, where the General Secretary, after consultation with his Politburo, came up with a five year plan, that the workers worked a little on, and talked about much more.

In soccer, there are basic rules mostly designed to protect life and limb. There are genera aspirations chosen by the coach., The players then are free to work together but achieve also singularly to reach their goal.

Which is more like America?

Beat Mexico!

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