Thursday, January 3, 2008


Yes folks, it is the Iowa Caucus. Or it is Caucuses. No I think it is Cauci.

Well whatever. After listening to pundits yammer about since November 2006, we now get the chance to hear them yammer about for the rest of the year.

My predictions:


Edwards 34
Obama 31
Clinton 28
Biden 4
Richardson 1
Dodd 1
Kucinich 1
Gravel 0

Iowa Republicans

Romney 29
Huckabee 24
McCain 17
Thompson 15
Guiliani 7
Paul 7
Hunter 1
Keyes 0

Edwards if everyones real second choice, so despite Richardson and Kucinich's decision to back Obama second, I think Edwards still wins.

In the GOP, there are no second choices, and Romney holds on to win.

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