Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Water Board Right

Every time I figure that Andrew Sullivan has jumped the shark, National Review comes through and points out why I still read him. Especially the increasingly unhinged Kathryn Jean Lopez. I am a McCain supporter since 1999 and I know that he has done some things that annoyed many in the GOP and conservative base. While I agree with him on immigration, I understand his position he lost him support. I also have come to believe that campaign finance reform has made things worse. Yet McCain is still the guy who has fought earmarks, someone who is not against lowering taxes, just wants to control spending first, and is pro-life.

But Lopez's comment: "But on a whole host of issues — including water boarding, tax cuts, and the freedom of speech — he’s not one of us."

OK, you can argue with him on tax cuts, you can argue with him on campaign finance reform (which is what she means on freedom of speech). But suddenly, support for water boarding is necessary to get the support of conservatives? And if we see McCain as the GOP nominee, does this mean they will not support him? Would they rather see HRC (who is a cynical paranoid) or Senator Obama (who may be honorable, but is too naive to be president) just because they like water boarding?

Is this what the conservative coalition has come too -- water boarding and tax cuts uber alles?

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Rodak said...

Is this what the conservative coalition has come too -- water boarding and tax cuts uber alles?

Don't sell them short. You also get preemptive war, Cuban gulags, illegal electronic eavesdropping, illegal aliens up to your eyeballs, and Rush Limbaugh.
With the last "liberal" administration you had relative peace (with judicious and limited, UN-sanctioned use of the military to stop a genocidal situation), prosperity, and legal abortion.
With the Bush regime you've got endless, globally condemned warfare, incipient stagflation...and legal abortion.
You do the math. I say "Way to vote, there, conservatives!"