Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Earth Hour Saves Earth

Last Saturday at 8 PM (I think) was Earth Hour -- when every one on the planet was supposed to turn off their lights and sit around in the dark.

I spent earth Hour the same way I spend every Saturday night in March -- I ordered pizza and watched NCAA basketball. In deference to light as a sign of civilization, I did turn on a few extra lights.

But that did not come close to the way this brave and noble soul saved the planet (warning, strong language).

April 1st was also supposed to be "Fossil Fools Day" when people of action were supposed to shut down something or other to protest something else or other. I did not see any protesters. However, one of the things they threatened to do was to "spank the bank". I guess subprime mortgages are destroying the planet faster than they are destroying my portfolio.

I think I know why I did not see any protesters. They were so busy "spanking the bank" that they went blind

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