Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!!

I celebrated Earth Day the way I always do -- wondering around at lunch time and punching out hippies (well, not really).

Hippies smell bad and scare small children. WON'T YOU THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!

Actually, the only people at the Earth Day rally seemed to be confused office workers looking for food and the occasional person handing out ex-trees (aka leaflets). The leaflets obviously hate the planet as they killed many carbon absorbing trees.


Rodak said...

Yo, I'm wit Tony!


Anthony said...


We can strip mine the other planets later

Awesomely Liz said...

A) thank you for the blog comment. As someone who watched the primaries with a 6 pack while watching Stephen Colbert's Democralypse Now opener, it's nice knowing there are more drunks out there. Especially drunk libertarian(ish) Catholics. :)

B) Mind if I link you? I'm finding a common like for alcohol and dislike for hippies on your blog.

Anthony said...

Liz -- go ahead (if I may do the same) and thanks for stoping by!