Sunday, March 1, 2009

I probably should have waited to read the book

I just finished the new history of the Great Depression "The Forgotten Man." Probably not the best time to read this book.

Wait until (if?) the recovery comes to read ANYTHING about the Depression


Anonymous said...

And from WHAT base will the recovery come, pray tell?

Exactly HOW will America's industrial base be reenergized...???

Seriously, Anthony... even ASSUMING that we could quickly retool our industrial base... simply WISH factory production capacity into existence... do you foresee (or wish for) a WW-3 that will last at least three years where we must create and supply a military of perhaps 12 million young men and women supported by factories on 24/365 maximum production schedules needed to produce literally thousands upon thousand of full size warships... tens of thousands of fighter planes and bombers... tens of thousands of tanks, trucks, jeeps, artillery pieces... millions upon millions of small arms...


Anthony. You're NOT an idiot. Surely these little... er... "details" haven't slipped your mind.

Do you envision a similar "open playing field" to 1945-55 opening up anytime soon...??? What I mean by this is simply... do you foresee a Europe LITERALLY shattered - physically shattered - in need of PHYSICAL REPAIR from the ground up?

(Oh... and don't forget... same with much of Japan... city after city after city...)

You're NOT a fool, Anthony. (*SHRUG*) Surely you can see that what got us out of the Great Depression was WW-2 and what created post-WW-2 economic dominance was the literal PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION of much of Europe and Japan.


You crack me up, son.



Anthony said...

>And from WHAT base will the recovery come, pray tell?

Which is why I said "(if?)".

Which is why I am most concerned that the President is going with a sequel-- "New Deal II -- This Time it's Personal". WWII ended the Depression.

William R. Barker said...
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Anthony said...

[ED -- Bill, I had to modify your comment. And you know why.

So here is Bill's post, minus one sentance]

Ahh... you're "concerned."

Surely that will stop the Democrats in their tracks!

Thank you, Anthony... thank you on behalf of the American People!


Hey... on a serious note I freely admit I'm no better than you.


Nope... you sitting home drinking vodka... me sitting home drinking scotch... we'll watch our country deteriorate year after year and at some point we'll be dead and it'll be our kids and (by that time) grandkids who will damn us and our generation for ALLOWING the greatest nation the world has ever seen to self-destruct.


Anonymous said...

So... as long as I talk... er... "around" the concept that must not be raised here on The Catholic Libertarian I'm ok...


Hmm... how'bout...

Anthony. One thing I can assure you about my character and my willingness - within bounds - to... er... put my money where my mouth is...

I swear to God... IF... IF... I were convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that I was suffering from some dread, incurable disease and had only days to live...

I would put my principles into action. And in doing so I would hope and pray that such actions would reverberate throughout the nation as the ultimate call for "Enough is enough; I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

Please know, Anthony, that this extreme declaration comes not out of hatred, but out of love... love for my country... love for the American ideal.

If these looters were acting in accord with the Constitution - socializing our nation's economy via the lawful Constitutional Amendment Process - I'd simply call for Americans like me to leave this country and seek a new start elsewhere.

IF, Anthony... IF... I weren't absolutely convinced that Obama, most Democrats, and even many Republicans had respect for the Constitution I wouldn't call for the "ultimate" sanctions to be taken in self-defense of America.

Anthony... they're going to give Washington DC a voting congressional seat; next... they'll attempt to give Washington DC at least one Senator, perhaps two. Next... they'll try similar tactics with Puerto Rico, perhaps Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Anthony... we KNOW they're willing - and eager - to politicize the Census. They're willing - and eager - to "create" new citizens as long as they feel they can count on a large majority of these new voters to vote THEIR way.

No, Anthony... I'm not equating Obama and the Dems to Hitler and the Nazis or Lenin and Stalin... what I'm saying is that little by little... year by year... the anti-Constitutionalists are taking and consolidating social, economic and political power and that I fear if the trend isn't stopped here and now... this year, next year, within the next four years... that the tipping point will be reached where the decline and fall of the United States of America is irreversible.

You'd rather my "methods of last resort" not be on the table... not even be spoken of. I respect that. But you NEED to understand that ultimately what your squeamishness is allowing is the closing off of your children's and someday grandchildren's chances to grow up in what you and I would recognize as America.

Hopefully by talking "around" my actual wishes and proposals I'm adhering to your blog policies and thus you'll see no need to... er... modify this post.


Rodak said...

Take your pill, Bill.

William R. Barker said...

Rob... since you rarely have anything of substance to add...


Congrats for at least being consistent.


Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony... check out


The day after the report I heard from a young Naval aviator in predeployment training north of San Diego. He flies a Super Hornet, sister ship to the plane that went down. He said the Marine investigation "kept me up last night" because of how it contrasted with "the buck-passing we see" in the government and on Wall Street. He and his squadron were in range of San Diego television stations when they carried the report's conclusions live. He'd never seen "our entire wardroom crowded around a television" before. They watched "with bated breath." At the end they were impressed with the public nature of the criticism, and its candor: "There are still elements within the government that take personal responsibility seriously." He found himself wondering if the Marines had been "too hard on themselves." "But they are, after all, Marines."

So, yeah, Anthony... I'm still living for the "dream" of...

Well... YOU know...



Rodak said...

Lemme see under your tongue, Bill.

bathmate said...

I liked it.