Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Vatican and Evolution

I have been very dismissive of creationist and "intelligent design" advocacy. Personally, I think that both try to turn God from Supreme Creator into a hum-drum engineer. By requiring God to review the plans for the earthworm, I believe we reduce God.

The Vatican has gotten involved, though as usual the press tends to misunderstand it. About a 15 years ago, Pope John Paul II made some statements in support of evolution and the press acted as though this was a major change in Vatican policy. I noted to an evangelical friend that it is not really a change. The officially commentary on the Scripture had recognized evolution at least since the 1950s, and in fact the church had been OK with evolution before that.

Of course, there were some controversies, such as the Omega Point theory of Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, which argued that evolution was leading to man converging with God. But the controversy was with the endpoint so to speak, not the theory of evolution.

I saw this item on Little Green Footballs that the Vatican is having a conference on evolution and the intelligent design folks were kept out. Pope Benedict a few years ago got himself enmeshed in the intelligent design controversy, mostly because he probably did not understand how that term had become so loaded in the United States. Hopefully, this conference signals an end to the Vatican getting mixed up with intelligent design.


Rodak said...

By requiring God to review the plans for the earthworm, I believe we reduce God.

Tony, what are you saying? If God doesn't have the earthworm blueprint entire in His mind at all times--poof!--no more worm. Existence unsustained, as though it never happened.
And you, Tony, consider: if God didn't make the worm, then God didn't make you in His image, either. And if He didn't do that, He didn't make the grass to grind to make flour for spaghetti. Ungotz, Tony--that's what you're left with--just you and the worm.

Anonymous said...

GOD want the U.S. to... er... evolve... into a temporary military dictatorship; He told me so!



Rodak said...

Uh...Yo! Guido! You left Barker's friggin' door unlocked again, you friggin' meathead!