Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Incredible Smugness of Being . . . a Liberal

To think, Pat Schroeder once was considered a serious presidential candidate.

The funny thing is according to the survey she based her statements on, liberals read on average 9 books a year, conservatives 8 (and moderates 5). So basically, as president of the Publishers Association, she is trashing a large part of her association's customers.

This is further proof in my mind that a big part of the problem with political discourse in this country is incivility -- it seems as though pundits are more interested in making sarcastic points about their adversaries than really addressing issues. Liberals love to play the conservatives are dumb racist line while conservatives love to say that liberals are all baby aborting traitors.

Which is why "What's Your Problem" with New Republic's Peter Beinart & National Review's Jonah Goldberg is such a breath of fresh air. Two people, talking like adults, about the great issues of the day, rather than throwing insults back and forth. I think we need more of it.


Robert A. George said...

Anthony, Anthony...when was Pat Schroeder EVER considered a "serious presidential candidate"?


Anthony said...

Come on Robert, we are old enough to remember that she was considered "Snow White" to the "Seven Dwarfs"!