Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Obama and Pakistan

The blogsphere and the mainstream media has been abuzz by Senator Obama seeming to state that he would invade Pakistan. While that is not quite what he said, he did state that he would strike inside Pakistan without the approval of the Pakistani government if there was a high priority target.

This is not entirely new for Obama. He had in his 2004 Senate race discussed the possible need for "surgical strikes" against Iran to stop their nuclear program. This has set off the usual rioting in Pakistan complete with burning American flags.


san said...

Why is it that Obama CAN'T speak freely about Pakistan without causing "instability" to it, but Hillary CAN speak freely about Iraq without causing instability to it? (ie. her entire party are talking about withdrawal every chance they can get, and when the Bush admin warns they may aggravate the situation there, her entire party hotly responds that political debate should not be suppressed due to Whitehouse "scare tactics")
So are we saying that only Pakistanis watch TV and Iraqis don't? How does this selective hearing work?
It's hypocrisy from a slanted media.

Anthony said...

Thanks San for the comment. See my reply.