Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ron Paul (Again) and Ronald Reagan

Ron Paul is trying hard to claim the mantle of Reagan.

You have got to admit, Paul supporters are both technologically savvy and committed.

EDITED TO NOTE -- in response to a commenter, I note that this video was made by a supporter of Ron Paul, not his campaign. Which I knew, but did not make clear. So it would be better to say that a supporter sees Paul grabbing the mantle of Reagan.

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Ellis Wyatt said...

Ron Paul is trying

Um... this is just some random supporter. I've been following RP since 97, and I cannot remember a single instance of him "trying to claim the mantle of" Reagan. We know they considered each other personal and ideological friends, but that is not the same thing as Ron "trying" to pretend he's the "new" Reagan, as your words imply.

If anything, he IS the "new Jefferson". In this field he doesn't have to claim Jack - he can just tell it like it is and the dominoes will fall.

You might consider editing your post for accuracy. Dr. Paul is not responsible for this (poorly produced) video, and you know it.

Thou shall not bear false witness, Sir. Do the right thing - clarify your remarks, please.