Sunday, July 20, 2008

Get Well Soon Abby Wambach!

I have mentioned Abby Wambach here on a few occasions. She is one of the best women's soccer players in the world and has been the main strike force of the US women's team, for the past several years. One problem is that she is so good, strong and powerful, that it probably hurt the US national team at the last Women's World Cup -- the strategy seemed to be kick the ball up at Abby and see if she can score.
Under new coach Pia Sundhage, the team seems to have moved away from kick the ball at Abby to going back to playing soccer. Well, they will now need it as Wambach broke her leg and will miss the Olympics.
Last year I posted a series of "Abby Wambach Facts". Thanks to that post, I have been getting hits from search engines, usually asking if Abby Wambach is married. Frankly I have no idea.
So Abby, if you are out there and looking to get married, there are a bunch of people who appear to be interested.
In any event., please get well soon.

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