Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More About Iraq

I guess I should point out that my old DC acquaintance Robert George (America's only Black, West Indian, Catholic, Republican stand up comedian) pointed out the GOP's problem with not declaring Iraq victory two weeks ago and again today.

Instead of saying "IT WORKED!" and noting that the Iraqi War is essentially over (and can be handed over to the Iraqi government now), Senator McCain has handed this issue over to Obama, regardless of whether Prime Minister Maliki was misquoted or not.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Catholic Libertarian,

I looked over your posts about the war in iraq and accompanying comments about McCain and Obama. Based on what I read, I think you will find the following links of interest:



Both addresses link to the writings of Webster Tarpley, Historian and specialist in Western intelligence agencies. The former gives insight into Obama's connections to Brzezinski and the implications for perhaps an even more hostile foreign policy than that of the past 7 years. The latter connects to an archive of the author, which further details the relationship between Obama and Brzezinski.

Best, Bobby Lynn