Monday, February 25, 2008


Clinton surrogates apparently have been circulating a photo of Obama in Kenyan "elder" garb. HRC should never try and make fun of the anyone else on the planet was garbed.

What is that thing on her right shoulder? Oh, sorry, that is the future President Clinton.

(Somewhere there is a picture of me at 9, as an usher at my uncle's wedding. I am wearing a beige tuxedo, with a puffy shirt. Guys, it was the 70s.)

(HT to Vodka Pundit for the story, the picture and the snarky comment)

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Rodak said...

Oh, come on! Bill looks good in that snapshot. And while I will admit that Hillary looks a little chipmonkesque, she also looks as though Bill had very recently treated her to his big bag of nuts. Repeatedly.