Monday, February 4, 2008

McCain Rally

John McCain swung through Illinois on Friday. I attended the rally, though got there a little late. I was stuck in the back, practically in the lobby.

One of those blurs on the stage is the Senator (not a bad photo considering it was from my camera phone).
He seemed energized and ready to put the nomination away. But before us McCain supporters get to comfortable, the latest polls from California show that Romney is making a comeback there.

A couple of Ron Paul supporters showed up of course. One of them was whispering sweet nothings about illegal immigration and the gold standard in my ear.

But the Paulistas did not take away from the excitement McCain generated.


JC said...

Enjoy your life with continued war and a shiny new Federal ID card with your choice of candidate. Ah, life in the good old USA with yet another person clamoring for the presidency with that evil grin and wink. Looks too much like the same as what resides in DC at the moment to me. Have you even listened to any of the other candidates?? I think not. Sad.

JC said...

Very cute children. Hopefully you won't have to serve them up in a continued one sided war.