Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Thought for Armistice Day


The Kings of the earth are men of might,
And cities are burned for their delight,
And the skies rain death in the silent night,
And the hills belch death all day!

But the King of Heaven, Who made them all,
Is fair and gentle, and very small;
He lies in the straw, by the oxen's stall —
Let them think of Him to-day!

Joyce Kilmer was very American and very Catholic. A member of the famous NY 69th Infanty (the "Fighting 69th"), he was killed in action in 1918 on the Western Front

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imsmall said...


I hope that I may one day see
Them hanging from the gallows tree
Who plotted foreign wars from home--
It would be lovelier than a poem.