Tuesday, November 4, 2008

That looks to be about it

I guess that is it. I will call it early and say congratulations President Elect Obama.

EDITED to add -- it is true that it is a historic moment that the US elected a black president. I knew and hoped it would happen someday, though I hoped the president would be named Powell, Watts or Steele. But it is a moment.


William R. Barker said...

Still like Powell, huh? (*SNORT*) (*CHUCKLE*)

O.K. (*SMILE*) Moving on...

Agreed. God bless America. Even if America's first black (woman, Hispanic, Asian, whatever) president isn't a conservative, the Election of Barak Obama to the Presidency of the United States is something we can all be proud of because of what it says about this nation's inherent goodness.

Now... let us pray President Obama doesn't destroy our once great nation. (*CHUCKLE*) (*HUGE FRIGG'N GRIN*)


Anthony said...

Still like Powell? Actually no, and it does not really have to do with his endorsement of Obama. Rather, I think he engaged in a lot of revisionist history after leaving the State Department. If he really believed what he now claims he believed regarding Iraq, he is no hero, but rather the biggest villian. If he was so opposed to the Iraq invasion and felt as he felt, he had the duty to resign.

However, given my view on the peoper role of the presidency, he was my initial hope in 1996.

As for the rest, the next time a Eruopean starts going on about how racist America is, I will ask them how many Moslems have been elected president of France or Turks they have in the German parliament.

As for the rest, this is America. Stalin, Hitler, Jeff Davis, Jimmy Carter and George Bush couldn't destroy us. I have no worries on that account.

William R. Barker said...


But once again, Anthony... just in line with my general policy of beating dead horses till my hands are bloody and my knuckles bruised...


What YOU now know about Powell I could have told you (or warned you of in general terms) long before Powell's stint as Secretary of State.


My point, Anthony... I have a tendency to be correct all along... you on the other hand...


But, hey... you're a successful attorney. Absent illness or personal/family tragedy you and yours are going to have a wonderful life. (Comparatively!)

Still... if I were you I'd continue raising the kids as "citizens of the world" in the sense that they'll grow up prepared to seek greener foreign pastures for themselves and THEIR families if (*SMILE*) (giving you that one) or when (*WINK*) the need arises.


Anthony said...

Yes Bill, if you questioned Poweell's motives many years ago, you were right. I really do not care that he endorsed Obama. Lots of conseratives did and some polling numbers I saw showed that McCain was also losing the hard core libertarian vote.

But his revisionism on Iraq seemed to me to be completely careerist, as though he was trying to get himself set up with a position with the next administration, or at least make himself palatable again to the pundocracy and media.

If he really believed what he says now he believed about Iraq, he should have followed the example of his illustrious predecessor Williams Jennings Bryan and resigned. Had he resigned many people, including me (I hope), would have taken a strong second look at Iraq and the answer would have been no.

Anyway, unlike you, I refuse to give up on this country. I refuse to give up on liberal democracy, even if that means I will be on the losing end for a long while. Where else would I go?

In any event, my goal is that your buddy Rodak has me on the list to be liquidated during the first 6 months of the revolution -- I am not important enough to go sooner, but figure I am enough of a discontent they will off me rather quickly. :)

William R. Barker said...

"Anyway, unlike you, I refuse to give up on this country."

It's not a question of "giving up;" it's a question of what I think will be based upon my analysis of what has been, what is, and suppositions concerning what will be.

I take no joy in my pessimism. I pray I'm wrong.

"I refuse to give up on liberal democracy..."

Well good for you! (*SNORT*) By the way... have you ever considered converting - I'm guessing deep down inside your very being there's a Christian Scientist begging to break out! (*WINK*)

(I don't have to explain the above quip - do I?) (*CHUCKLE*)

"In any event, my goal is that your buddy Rodak has me on the list to be liquidated during the first 6 months of the revolution..."

Don't sweat it, Anthony; at this very minute our cyberbuddy Ed is digging us a fortress/shelter where we can escape to and hide till the South rises again and saves America from the occupying forces of Democratic Party Liberalism run amok. (*WINK*)

(But we'll have to bring our own beer, wine, and booze - God only knows what kind of swill Ed stocks his place with.) (*WINK*)