Sunday, November 16, 2008

Elliot "Profumo" Spitzer

Elliot Spitzer now has an op ed describing how to end the financial crisis. Professor Bainbridge called BS on the former governor, not only for the substance of his op-ed but also for the fact that in the old days, someone disgraced as much as he was would quietly disappear. Instead, he writes op-eds for the Washington Post. (HT- Instapundit).

After John Profumo resigned in disgrace following revelations of his sexual peccadillos, he did not write a book or try to move back into politics. Rather, he volunteered to clean toilets at a settlement home in London, eventually becoming the home's chief fundraiser. He was rehabilitated back into society, winning a knighthood in 1975 and died a respected member of English society.

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William R. Barker said...

Unfortunately, Anthony, in terms of accepting individual responsibility and holding oneself accountable for failure - let alone unethical conduct - Americans (particularly American politicians) by and large hold themselves to a far lower standard than the leaders of many other societies.