Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Law and Order: SVU

Is it just me or is SVU getting very preachy of late?


悉怛多缽怛囉PLANET said...
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William R. Barker said...

Just watched the episode today, Anthony. What are your thoughts?

I'm not thrilled with the new ADA. (*SHRUG*)

As to this particular storyline:

The only "good guy" (aside from the cops) was "Jimmy" (of "Boston Legal" fame) who played the bipolar murdered kid's dad.

The little girl who got herself purposefully impregnated by aforementioned bipolar boy... (*SMIRK*)... though she ends up as a sympathetic character in the end in real life she'd still be a moron.

The ringleader of the "Let's Get Pregnant" posse... (*SHRUG*)... I can't feel much sympathy for her fictional character.

Her boyfriend? Poor, dumb, hormonal kid - the light sentence seemed reasonable under the circumstances.

The other murderer - the brother of the "sympathetic" pregnant kid who killed the bipolar guy... (*SHRUG*)... in Bill's world he'd be executed rather than wasting God knows how many hundreds of thousands of dollars imprisoning him and then chances are when he's released he'd be an incorrigible criminal and threat to society. (But, hey... I suppose in the scenario at play 15 years to life is fine if the death penalty is off the table.)

The mother of the murder son and stupid pregnant but ultimately sympathetic daughter... obviously a negative chit in the human gene pool. (*SHRUG*) Still... she didn't do anything illegal.

The dysfunctional parents of the murdered ringleader of the pregnant girls... again... both negative chits in the human gene pool. Stupidity isn't against the law though and unfortunately you don't need a license in order to be a parent. (Yeah... rhetorical diss... I'm not saying you should need a license.)

Your thoughts?


William R. Barker said...

Oh... almost forgot!

As for the screwed up hip-hop impregnator...


He's my argument FOR vigilante justice. All hail "Magnum Force."



* Here's where I'd like to see some medical research dollars go:

Find a easy, painless, and easily, painlessly reversible method of "disarming" humans in terms of reproduction capacity.

You know... something as easy and common as circumcision. (*SHRUG*)

Reverse the procedure free upon request at age 18 or later, or if under 18 if the minors are married.

Sure... out of those who chose "reversal" absent immediate plans for responsible childbearing/rearing you'd still no doubt get plenty of 18/19/20/21 year old "kids" "accidentally" conceiving, but I'd be happy if we could at least start stemming the stupidity of kids UNDER 18.


Anthony said...

I pretty much agree. I was glad when the new DA got hit -- she is a worse attress than the one Fred Thompson fired.

Micha Elyi said...

Law and Order: SVU is little else than feminist anti-man propaganda.

Q. Who are SVU's "special victims"?

* Women

* Children

SVU's formula: Women are children. (Funny how feminists eventually go there every time.)

Oh yeah, there was one episode I recall in which a man was the victim. That character was a wealthy celebrity. The message from SVU's producers is that only high-status men deserve the concern routinely given to women.

In the few episodes in which a woman is suspected, the woman is never bullied by the detectives as they routinely bully any man the detectives have under suspicion (no matter how flimsy their evidence against him).

After I woke up to that show's spew of feminist all-men-are-rapists dogma, I quit watching it. I've also given up on most other offerings of the network that airs the SVU spew.

Anonymous said...

It's not just you: L&O SVU started getting REALLY preachy in 2006, and now it's pretty much unbearable. I'm a big L&O fan, but I can't watch this one any more.