Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's a Catholic Thing

That is the great thing about us Catholics, we never deviate from the rubrics of the laity. Child puking in your hand? Genuflect and make your way to the bathroom. Toddler have a flesh wound? Cross yourself and then continue with direct pressure. A plane crashed into the back of Church? Make your way to the nearest exit, bless yourself with Holy Water and then exit the Church.

From the Real Life Rosary Weblog (HT Happy Catholic)


William R. Barker said...

You know what they say, Anthony... "$hit Happens!"




P.S. - Have you seen "Doubt" yet? My daughter Kim and I went to see it this past weekend. We both very much enjoyed it. We both also came away with a different "answer" to the key plot question.

Anthony said...

No I have not seen it -- with two small children, the last adult film (I mean non children's film, get your mind out of the gutter) I saw in theaters was "Under the Tuscan Sun". HBO and DVD for me these days.

William R. Barker said...

I'm available for parent counciling, Anthony! Heck... for you... I'll even throw in the first session gratis!

First... (and I'm being quite serious...)... having small children is absolutely NO excuse for not enjoying adult time with your wife one on one.

If you can't find a close by friend or relative to babysit, get a sitter. I recommend "date nights" at LEAST once a month.


Anthony said...

Bill -- my wife and I actually enjoy adult time quite a bit. We get a baby sitter at least twice a month and go out. But we try to go have a nice dinner somewhere or do something other than movies.

William R. Barker said...

O.K. then!


Here's another "Barker Rule of Child Rearing" I'll share:

Raise your children to respect you as parents and also... ENJOY you as parents!

Note: I don't write "see you as friends." No. You're NOT your child's "friend." You're the dad; your wife is the mom.

I'm talking about setting an example where your boys see you and your wife ENJOYING your adult relationships and friendships on a "FUN" level.

What do I mean...

I mean... when I was a kid my idea of adult "fun" was mainly eating, talking, drinking, smoking. In other words... "adult" activities.

I'm 46 and I'll never grow up. I'll never be a "real" adult in the "Father Knows Best" "Leave It To Beaver" style. "Acting" like a parent doesn't necessarily mean "acting" like the aforementioned all wise, all knowing, all... err... self-controlled and controlling... adult.

(Hmm... what's that word I'm thinking of...??? Oh, yeah... "STAID!")

Now don't get me wrong - I'm certainly not endorsing the Willie Nelson school of parenting. (*SNORT*) (*SMIRK*)

What I'm saying is simply... let loose in front of your kids from time to time in a responsible way. Sing, dance, PLAY... have a blast AS an adult and this will show your kids that being an adult can be fun.

My daughter is 21. Since her "adulthood" one of the "endorsements" she's always given to me as a parent was that by witnessing the FUN I have with my wife and the FUN I have with my friends, this has taught her lessons about the value of love, friendship, and FUN.


I love this topic - the topic of child rearing. If you think I'm an egomaniac about how brilliant I am concerning politics and economics... (*CHUCKLE*)... that's nothing compared to the pride I take in the success I claim for my child rearing methods. (*WINK*)


P.S. - Rob - chime in!