Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dear Mister Spitzer

There once was a time when a man in public life who found himself disgraced would quietly retire from the public eye. Instead, you have decided to give the President Elect advice on the economy. (HT Instanpundit)

Back in November, I suggested that you look to the example of John Profumo. When he was disgraced he acknowledged his wrongdoing and retired from public life. He then spent the rest of his life serving the homeless of London, rehabilitating himself in the eyes of society.

I know his case was more involved than yours -- the woman tied to Mr. Profumo was also tied to the Soviet military attache and there was the possibility of Cold War spying. Yours was a simple case. But take the example of that honorable man. Retire for public life, at least for a while. You are a wealthy man, concentrate of rehabilitating yourself and your reputation through good works and charity.

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William R. Barker said...


Oh, Anthony... I fear that you and I are two of a rare breed of modern day Americans to whom the concept resonates.


Of course you're right. (*SHRUG*)

Heck... you don't see Charlie Rangel, Chris Dodd, or Barney Franks resigning their Chairmanships, do you...???

Hug your kids, Anthony. Kiss your wife. Pour yourself a drink and you and the family sit down and relax in from of the Disney Family channel for awhile. (*SMILE*)

GOD... if only our cyberfriend Moose from RT knew how much I WANT to be an optimist. (*SIGH*)