Friday, January 30, 2009

Twice in one week

So the GOP proves that maybe it is not stuck on stupid. First, the House GOP unanimously voted NO on the misnamed "Stimulus Bill." Then the RNC elected Michael Steele as chair.

Maybe there is some life in the old party after all.


Rodak said...

Nah. Quite the opposite: they've given up.

William R. Barker said...

I hope you're right, Anthony.

It doesn't exactly warm the cockles of my heart that 20 Republican Senators were on the WRONG SIDE of the Holder confirmation vote the other day, though.

I strongly believe that the President - ANY President - should get his personnel picks confirmed as long as there's no moral/ethical reason not to confirm them.

Policy difference should NOT be a barrier to confirming a President's nominations to executive branch posts requiring confirmation. Neither Geithner nor Holder should have been denied confirmation based upon their policy positions.


Both Geither and Holder should have been rejected - via overwhelming bipartisan nay vote - based upon Geithner being a tax cheat and Holder a man who has in the past shown himself willing to conspire in the selling of presidential pardons.