Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Attacks in the UK

The three attacks in the U.K. show that you can never be completely safe from terrorism. The British have far more experience attacking terrorism than we have -- the result of 30 years of IRA violence.

The attempt was amateurish. this clearly was the terrorist "D Team". The thing is, most terrorists are jokes until they succeed. Terrorists often are complete morons and losers—why else strap on a bomb vest and expect 72 virgins on the other side. Suppose the FBI National Office did not worry about CAIR and gave permission for an agent to look at Moussaoui's hard drive in the summer of 2001 and in doing so allowed the FBI to roll up the whole gang. It would have been hysterical. The dumb terrorist going to flight school to learn how to take off and fly but not land. The “last testament” of Atta asking for women not to touch his body after death (lest they touch (or really want to touch) his manliness).

But even to call terrorists morons and losers is not entirely true. As of this evening, news reports state that at least five of the suspects are medical doctors. Bin Laden himself is the son of a billionaire. Atta was the son of an educated family. this belies the idea that all terrorism is the result of desperation. Something else is at work here. Molsem anger over Iraq is part of It of course, but then again, so is Afghanistan, threats to intervene in Darfur, Israel and the Palestinians, 500 years of Western dominance and Western decadence. Perhaps no real excuse is needed, and those with some education or family advantages feel terrorism is a way to make a mark in the world. Maybe education has provided the terrorists with time to think and brood. Maybe THAT is really the genesis of terrorism.

If this ABC News report is correct, it could be a terrorist summer. As for me, I intend to take Andrew Sullivan's advice.

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