Monday, July 9, 2007

Earth Saved!

Live Earth is now history – saving the planet by leaving behind a carbon footprint that would produce enough diamonds to make friends with every woman on Earth (and probably a few on Mars besides).

I am one who believes that climate change is not totally a fantasy, although I wonder if human factors are dwarfed by solar factors. Still, reducing carbon usage in and of itself is a good – much carbon release into the atmosphere comes from petroleum usage and reducing dependence on oil would be helpful for the world’s economy as well as the environment.

What I believe this really is all about is that the "great and good" (personified by the Gore) are looking for yet another reason to control our lives. First it was because modern civilization was too complex. Then it was because of war. Then it was because of overpopulation. Then it was because only the great and good could provide for everyone.

Now they claim that the climate requires them to control as only they know what is best for the rest of us and for Gaea. Having overthrown one type of feudalism, the old nobility is repackaging it as the way to SAVE THE PLANET.

Let’s be smart about the environment, but let’s not go down the road of feudalism again. Al Gore is a retired politician, let’s not all pay feudal homage to him as Duke of Gaea.

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