Friday, July 20, 2007

Fred Thompson and Reruns

If Fred Thompson runs for president, the producer of Law & Order is pulling Thompson's reruns starting September 1, in order to comply with "equal time" requirements for candidates.

Interestingly, the same thing happened to Reagan. While Reagan made some bad B movies, he made some good ones such as "Kings Row" (where a sadistic doctor cuts off his legs), "Knute Rockne" (go win one for the Gipper), "The Winning Team" (where he played an alcoholic Grover Cleveland Alexander) and "The Killers" (where he played a crime boss -- his only villain role). He also co-starred in a few movies with some big names such as Errol Flynn (in "Santa Fe trail").

Thompson's reruns and movies though would be a bigger help to him. He always plays authoritative, intelligent characters. Given the malaise of the GOP base, he could find himself, mostly by accident, as the nominee.

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Really? That seems kind of stupid. His shows are not political platforms. Then again, seeing Hillary in a sitcom is enough for me to consider suicide.