Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Please God make it stop!

Ever get a song or two stuck in your head? This weekend, I was visiting my mother in law when my sister in law rented "La Vie En Rose", a French biopic about singer Edith Piaf. I am something of a fan of French films. The film was decent, not great, not bad.

The problem is that now I have swimming through my head, in alternative moments, the song "La Vie En Rose" or, worse, "No Regrets". Please God make this stop.

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Rodak said...

My favorite watering hole, back when I lived in NYC, was a little bar/restaurant on E. 70th St. between York and First avenues, called "Nimrod". Nimrod was owned by the wife of a German immigrant, named Wolfgang. The establishment had originally belonged to the lady's brother, who had given it its name. Long story short, the place had no TV, but it did have a juke box. And the juke box had a very eclectic selection of 45 rpm records in it. Among them was a recording of, not La Piaf, but Marlene Dietrich, singing "La Vie En Rose". For the first couple of years, I loved the song. But there came a day when it was like fingernails on a blackboard. Life's like that.