Monday, November 26, 2007

New McCain Ad

This is McCain at his best -- the quiet unassuming patriot. Admitting he may annoy many, but always taking positions based on principle.

From now until Super Tuesday, McCain needs to keep this focus. If Romney falters in Iowa and the GOP base cannot reconcile itself to Giuliani, McCain becomes the obvious choice. Though I would say he should have been the obvious choice from the beginning.

While I am not thrilled with Obama, I agree with Andrew Sullivan that an Obama-McCain race would be the best for the country.

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Rodak said...

I saw this ad on TV last night. It is very effective, imo. Given the GOP field, McCain is the only of the lot who I feel to have both the experience and the gravitas to be the presidential candidate. Unfortunately, I disagree with most of his policy positions.
Chuck Hagle would have been my choice. He has many of McCain's virtues, and only some of his drawbacks.