Monday, November 19, 2007

Blog McCain

I am still holding out hope that John McCain will be the GOP Nominee. I think he is the best suited to address the current world crisis and is the most honorable person of either party in Congress. He has an uphill battle, but I hope when the time comes to actually vote, GOP primary and caucus voters will put aside past squabbles and do what is best for the country.

A blog has been established to discuss ways for pro-McCain bloggers to help the campaign. My idea -- why not a "money bomb."


Rodak said...

Having considered the current field of GOP wannabes, I have to agree with you that McCain is the most honorable, and best qualified, of the lot.
I don't give him much chance, however.
My dream race would be between Paul and Kucinich, the only two guys who claim to want to buck the system.

Brad Marston said...


Thanks so much for the link. This how it gets done. 10 people talking to ten peopl and so on. I also hope you'll consider joing the Straight Talkin' Bloggers.

Anthony said...

rodak -- Paul v. Kucinich? But stock in vodka companies in that case!

Brad -- I am not sure ten people actually read this blog.

Rodak said...

"I am not sure ten people actually read this blog."

I think that the same ten people don't read your blog that dont' read mine.

Brad Marston said...

LOL...of course I describe azamatterofact as "the best political blog that nobody reads" but I average 400 visits a week.

I may have to change my moniker.

Anthony...your money bomb idea has me inspired. I am working on a plan that will involve people reaching out through a number of avenues. If you are interested e-mail me at

You too Rodak.

Rodak said...

Rodak is a leftist.

McLoser said...

Here is my thing about McCain; He came to Colorado when we were literally reeling from what happened at Columbine High School, and told us that we didn’t have enough gun laws…

Guess what Senator? They broke a minimum of eighteen laws that were on the books. Like more laws would have changed anything??

Then Senator, you attacked the First Amendment, allowing George Soros and company to lambaste us all with his God forsaken socialism and outright communism.

Then Senator, you committed treason to your oaths (plural) to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States by sponsoring an amnesty / open invaders legislation…

Senator McCain, save for your oh so obvious demented mental state (PTSD) most probably secondary to what you honorably endured on behalf of this nation, I would be calling for your outright execution…

He wasn't good for us in 2000 and he's not good for us now, he's actually got worse since 2000. The old man needs to hang it up, his time is past.