Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Everyone Loves Barack!

Everyone outside the US that is. Good thing we do not let foreigners vote.

So what can we do. Electing Senator Obama would make the rest of the world like us again. But on the other hand, my taxes are really high (especially as I now live in New York City).

The fun and slightly insane folks at IMAO have an idea -- let's give Barack to the rest of the world. Hence, they will like us again and I am only taxed at a 55% combined rate.


tjoseph said...

I can agree with sending Obama to Afghanistan while sending McCain to Iraq. Let's see how democracy works for them over there.

Rodak said...

Yeah. Let's exile the politicians and let the military and the cops run the country. Let's look at our current state of affairs as one big, chaotic Katrina, and remember who brought things under a semblance of order down there, after the politicians failed. Let's let discipline and riot gear take the place of parliamentary procedure and rhetoric. We can do this thing! I just know we can!

Anthony said...

Come now Rodak. I am three martinis away from being an anarchist.

And in any event, would you deny the rest of the world the love and compassion of our Obama?

"For America so loved the world that it gave its only begotten Obama, so that whoever should believe in Him would not dispear, but receive free universal health care."


(I guess I will be adding that to my confession list this weekend)