Friday, September 12, 2008


There was a bit of an uproar today when ABC News showed the first part of Charlie Gibson's interview with Sarah Pallin. Pallin noted that if Georgia was in NATO (something she supports), an invasion of Georgia by Russia would mean the US and others would go to war with Russia.

WARMONGER! was the cry.

Well, DUH -- under the NATO charter an attack on one is an attack on all, requiring the other NATO members to intervene. So if Georgia is a member of NATO, a Russian attack on Georgia would require us to attack Russia.

Now, Obama also wants Georgia (and Ukraine) to join NATO. So I assume that if Georgia joins NATO and is attacked by Russia, President Obama will also go to war with Russia.

One can argue that the TONE of the statements are different, Obama is a bit conciliatory toward Russia while Pallin a bit more bellicose, but the fact remains that Obama's position on Georgia is little different that Pallin's (or McCain's for that matter, as McCain's position is the one that really counts).

Personally, I do not support US membership in NATO anymore, so you can guess my feelings about Georgian membership. But given the lack of imagination by our foreign policy elites, we will continue to be members in NATO.

So the point is, both candidates support Georgian membership of NATO. Which means that any Russian attack on Georgia will mean that we have to go to war with Russia.


Rodak said...

And of course, it turns out that McCain cannot send an e-mail because he cannot type, the result of 5 years of communist torture.

This patent lie is an insult to all of the wounded vets who come back from Iraq with injuries much worse than McCain's and do learn to type, regarless of the nature of their injuries, if that's what it takes to earn a living. Of course, McCain has "people" to do these things for him.
(I know this is the wrong thread, but there was no comment option on the right one.)

Anthony said...

"He has people to do those things"

Yes he does, his wife sends it for him. As I am sure you read the 2000 Forbes article that has been going around.

Please, don't try to defend Obama's indefensible ad. The e-mail line was just plain stupid, no matter how you look at it. And like it or not, McCain cannot lift his arms above his shoulders, tie his own shoes, comb his own hair or comfortably type on a keyboard. That does not qualify him to be president, but it does not deserve mockery.

Rodak said...

Do you spend quite a bit of time typing with your hands lifted above your shoulders, Tony? Unless you are going to tell me that McCain's fingers are mostly paralyzed, evidence for which I've never seen, then he should be able to type if he can sit in a chair with his hands on his knees. I think he can do that, don't you? Please. Lie to me, but come up with a lie that's at least plausible.