Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain suspends his race

Everyone is talking about Senator McCain's decision to suspend his campaign and head to Washington for the bailout. He has asked that Friday's first debate be postponed. At this time, it seems unclear whether Senator Obama will agree.

My reaction is that this will surprise those who know me -- I see this as Senator McCain essentially conceding the election. Two weeks ago, when Senator McCain was rising in the polls, I warned that something could happen to reverse the situation. In particular, I warned that the credit crunch could get worse. It has.

As I listen now to President Bush speak, I believe that the rescue plan will be unpopular. Some will see it as a bailout of big business, others as too little too late, and in any event, the GOP will be tagged with allowing it to get to this point (and while I think there is lots of blame to go around, Bush could have done things administratively to slow down Fannie and Freddie and the whole market).

I am a fervent McCain supporter. I believe that he has was the best person in 2000 and is the best person now. But the election is no longer about Iraq or foreign policy, it is now about the economy and this will hurt McCain. (as an aside, for saying this, I have been accused of Astroturfing). I wish that were so.

I hate to say it and I hope I am wrong, but McCain just conceded the election, in an honorable way.

[Edited to add -- Senators McCain and Obama just released a joint statement on the bailout]


Rose said...

We're paying these guys to work, not campaign - it seems like all Obama has done is campaign since he was elected.

McCain's move emphasizes that without him having to say a word.

By doing this McCain shows that he cares more about the good of the Country than about the campaign, and I love that.

I also love his statement that they have to come together as people, not as partisans, not as republicans and democrats, that is a message that has been needed for a long time - especially coming from someone who means it. When Pelosi says it it means agree with her or else. McCain has proven that he can work well with others without conceding all his principles.

You may be right. I sure hope you are wrong.

Nice blog, btw.

Anthony said...

Thanks Rose -- I hope you are right (I like your new car BTW, can I borrow it?) said...

It cannot succeed as a matter of fact, that's what I suppose.