Sunday, September 9, 2007

A few thoughts on Zurich

To get to and from Lake Como, we passed trough Zurich. The main train station in Zurich really is the cross road of Europe. When sitting there, you see just about everyone and all kinds passing through.

These guys though were there in abundance on Saturday.

They are fans of Swiss soccer club Grasshoppers (of Zurich). Apparently, that Saturday was their last game in their old stadium. A new stadium build in connection with the Euro 2008 soccer championship is opening. The fans were in a good mood and heading off to the old stadium.

Later that night, we ran into a few Grasshopper fans on the train. They were carrying seats taken from the stadium and boxes. When they opened the boxes, I saw they had grass inside, apparently taken from the stadium. So somewhere in Zurich right now is a backyard with seats and turf from the old stadium.

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