Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mother Teresa and the Struggles of Faith

A book of Mother Teresa's letters was published recently. I ordered the book today. It shows a woman struggling with faith, to reconcile her faith with the poverty she saw around her. She felt abandoned by God and a hypocrite.

Of course, some of the press is saying that this proves Mother Teresa was an atheist.

Yet, I find the fact that she struggled with faith reassuring and proof of her saintly virtue. The saints are held up as examples to us. If they were purely angelic creatures without faults or doubts, what kind of examples would they be to us? They are human, and as such they have vices, frailties and failings. Yet, they overcome those failings.

All Christians struggle with faith. Did not most of the Apostles run from Jesus? Did not Peter actively deny Him? Was not Paul originally an oppressor of Christians? Did not Dorthy Day have an abortion? Was not Saint Augustine a libertine?

I have at times questioned my faith. At times I even actively denied it. I still struggle. If Mother Teresa could struggle yet overcome those doubts, I realize I might also.

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