Wednesday, September 19, 2007

McCain's Comeback?

I am a supporter of John McCain. This strikes many people strange because (i) I am a member of the GOP base, which is supposed to be very angry with McCain for various reasons and (ii) McCain is supposed to be the bane of libertarians due to his somewhat nannystatish outlook. But there is something about the man that makes me think he will be a fine president.

So the past few months have been difficult for me. McCain was the heir apparent and then came Iraq, immigration and the GOP base remembering why they disliked him. Social conservatives looked to Romney and those concerned with national security and electability to Giuliani. Then Fred Thompson entered the race and he quickly became a contender. McCain's slump, added to his fundraising problems, had many figuring he was gone before summer ended.

Yet, the a Gallup poll is now showing McCain back into third place, 4 points behind Thompson and 12 behind Giuliani. Can this be what McCain was waiting for? It does come at a good time for McCain. There is still 2 weeks of fundraising before the next FEC reporting period ends. Even if he does not raise a lot of money, but finishes strong, it may signify momentum coming back into his campaign.

Yes, I still believe that John McCain will be the next GOP nominee.

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