Sunday, September 16, 2007

The McCain Surge

John McCain seems to suddenly be up in the polls, though still trailing Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson. Since the immigration debacle and the last FEC filing, many pundits have been writing McCain's political obituary. but the GOP faithful seem unhappy with their choices. Romney had a brief flurry but is now heading down again. Thompson seemed to be Regan reincarnated, but once he actually joined the race, he is a disappointment. Giuliani is still in front, but given his negatives, the conventional wisdom is that he cannot win.

So that leaves McCain.

If real, this McCain surge comes at a good time. The third quarter ends at the end of the month and if McCain can turn this poll increase into a jump in fundraising, he can say that his campaign has increased momentum. And if McCain donors feel that their candidate is suddenly viable again, then maybe they will open up their checkbooks. If McCain can survive into January, who knows what might happen then.

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