Saturday, March 1, 2008

I approve this message!

Tell the truth, when you saw this for the first time, you expected it to be a McCain ad.

I think all McCain supporters owe Hillary Clinton a thank you for reminding us why we support McCain for president.

(HT to Ann Althouse and IMAO)

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William R. Barker said...

Yep. I thought the EXACT same thing when the ad first came to my attention: Why is Hillary running "Vote For McCain" ads? (*GRIN*)

This is a serious statement: I think the woman is delusional.

Seriously! I mean... she apparently BELIEVES her own "experience" mantra. (Hmm... ya think she has artifical Vietnam War flashbacks too...???)

ONE MORE TIME... The woman was "given" a Senate seat by her husband the then president. (*SHRUG*) Other than that, her "experience" is pretty shakey indeed. What she "ran" - her husband's healthcare proposal - she ran into the ground. (*SHRUG*) That's just the fact.

I hope and pray that this week sees the end of the "Hillary For President" campaign.