Tuesday, March 4, 2008

McCain in! Democrats still arguing

Who would have thought back last Fall, we would be here now. That the GOP would be set really since Super Tuesday and the Democrats fighting out increasingly ugly?

McCain gave a very good and gracious speech. He cannot go toe to toe with Obama on style, so he has to appeal to something deeper. I am biased of course, but I think he is doing that. And I know, with things still a mess on the Democrats side, he is smiling widely tonight.


William R. Barker said...

What's that old saying... "Be Careful What You Wish For...?"

It'll be interesting to read analysis about how "Rush Voters" effected the Texas Dem primary/caucus results - if at all. (*SHRUG*)

In any case, I believe the "Rush Stategy" is dangerous and thus ultimately irresponsible. Any action that INCREASES the risk that HRC will win the Dem nod and thus be in a position to win the White House is an action I condemn.

As to McCain... (*SHRUG*) (*PURSED LIPS*) He's the Republican on record as having once said HRC would make a fine president. Although I'd vote for him against HRC I'm not at all confident "my" vote (metaphorically speaking) would be enough to beat HRC and whoever her running mate is. (*SADLY SHAKING HER HEAD*)

Remember, Anthony... this is gonna be a year where the Dem Vice Presidential candidate is gonna REALLY matter and no doubt REALLY pull in votes.

Last night's Dem results were no boon to the GOP.


Rodak said...

Although I'd vote for him against HRC...

Why do you say that? He's on record as being 100% behind the concept of an Imperial America. What else do you think his statements about a 100-year presenence in Iraq attests to?
If America continues to try to wield hegemony over the entire globe, America will fall just as Rome and Great Britain fell before her. You can go to the bank with that prediction.

William R. Barker said...

"He's on record as being 100% behind the concept of an Imperial America."

Which as distasteful as that is, is less distasteful than the thought of her as president being 100% behind the concept of... her, herself, and PERHAPS Bill and Chelsea - with the good of America always a distant fourth or fifth to her more personal priorities and focus.

You wouldn't understand, Rob, because you don't want to understand. Oh, sure... as the campaign has worn on so has your distaste for the tactics of the Clintons, but you refuse to truly educate yourself about what sort of person she is and my bet is that if push comes to shove and she wins our (*SMILE*) Party's nod... you'll cast your vote for her (while holding your nose) in a general election.


Rodak said...

Whatever she may be, she's not sucking up to a neocon contingent that she silently despises, out of blind ambition to rule the world, as is McCain. If Hillary wants to rule the world, the only thing she's sucking up to in order to succeed is the moderate-to-liberal base of the Democratic electorate. That's as it should be.